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Why choose our sustainable solar RV system

Every RV and yacht should have a good photovoltaic power generation system. As a necessary part of family life, electric power is also an indispensable part of RV and yacht. Because of its own characteristics, the traditional generator has a lot of noise pollution and high cost. As the leader of energy industry, sustainable solar energy system can't lag behind in RV and yacht. The advantage of solar energy is that the energy comes from the ubiquitous sun, which can supply power for the electric facilities in the car and yacht at any time, and charge the battery. It can be used not only when the vehicle and yacht are running, but also when parking and berthing, and in the area without electricity. It can also cope with some unexpected special conditions during the journey. Therefore, in the energy system of RV and yacht, sustainable solar energy is an excellent and necessary supplementary energy, which can form a good complement with the traditional generator.

The theme of zeitdas is power your life. Our existence is to solve the energy problem of customers in real life. As a leader in sustainable solar energy service, zeitdas also has outstanding performance in the system of RV and yacht.

Zeitdas offers a wide range of solar panels that can be used in a variety of scenarios in recreational vehicles and yachts. The folding solar panels are easy to carry and use. Semi flexible solar panels are easy to install with complete accessories, which are suitable for the installation of all kinds of recreational vehicles and yachts.