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Off-Grid Solar System

Why choose our sustainable Off-Grid Solar System

Electricity is now indispensable in people's lives and is also a consumable. Traditional energy power generation will bring about problems such as noise, pollution, and possibly exhausted, and new energy has the characteristics of no noise, no pollution, and inexhaustibility. We need new energy to take over traditional energy in the future. The photovoltaic power generation system as the vanguard of the new energy industry, the advantage is that electricity comes from the omnipresent sun.

Zeitdas' Off-Grid Solar System is composed of solar panel for home, inverter controller integrated machine, combiner box, batteries and wires. The main function is to provide and store electricity for isolated island areas. Isolated island areas refer to areas without state grids, such as small islands and farm areas, remote mountainous areas, etc. The solar off-grid system can not only provide a sustainable solar power to the above areas, but also can be used in areas where power is unstable, to fill the vacancy of power during power outages.

In the daytime, we directly use the electricity generated by the solar panel, and the excess electricity will be stored in the battery. At night, home appliances can use the electricity from the battery. In areas where there is mains electricity but frequent power outages, the batteries can also be charged by mains electricity, and the battery electricity can come in handy during a power outage.