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Solar DC Air Conditioner

Why choose solar DC air conditioner

Air conditioner almost accounts for about 60% of the energy consumption in a normal home and an office, making it the largest energy expense. Moreover, the traditional air conditioner uses Freon as the medium, which has a great destructive effect on the atmosphere. Solar DC air conditioner can reduce peak energy demand and increase the use of renewable energy, which is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing most energy is needed in the daytime.

Advantages of solar DC air conditioner

Our solar DC air conditioner selects high-quality solar PV panels and good DC air conditioner integrated with smart control system. They feature powerful cooling & heating , CFC free, Iow noise, simple operation, energy saving, durable, reliable, safe and outstanding performance.
Intelligent and Logical ‘l FEEL...’ Human Body-Sensing Control:
Introducing fuzzy logical control technique, through optimal program design, making control clearer. One slight touch will call out the most comfortable temperature for you. Avoiding unnecessary overcooling or overheating, resulting in energy saving .
Lower Noise: Big diameter fan blade design reduces operation speed, furthermore reducing noise with same air output. The lowest noise at comfortable sleeping operation mode is only 29dB(A), extraordinarily quiet.
Simple Operation: Remote control indicates with symbols, vivid and easy to understand, making handling more simple and convenient.
Safe and Reliable: The control system uses abnormal voltage protection circuit which can effectively protect the air conditioner even when there is thunder or extreme voltage changes. In addition, the metallic plate electrical box can effectively remove electromagnetic wave so the control system can be controlled exactly as per customer request.
Outstanding Performance: Comfort-seeking series products also have various subtle functions.
The solar DC air conditioner can utilize the combined advantages of summer cooling, winter heating, and hot water supply throughout the year, and it will surely achieve significant economic, social, and environmental benefits, and has broad application prospects.