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The Trade Exhibition of the People’s Republic of China


Event Name: The Trade Exhibition of the People’s Republic of ChinaEvent Date:  February June November 23th. To 26th. 2018
Event Venue: Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones de el Salvador

The Trade Exhibition of the People's Republic of China is hosted by China Trade Promotion Council and is a large-scale comprehensive exhibition in Central America. It is a showcase of leading products, technologies and services in China's related industries, promoting Chinese companies and Central America and Latin American economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. 

The main content of this exhibition of CMEC Wuxi is the solar energy products. After 15 years of hard work, CMEC Wuxi has made great progress in the solar energy industry. As a leading solar energy product manufacturer, system integrator and solutions supplier, the products have being exported to 38 countries and regions and brought clean new energy to the people of the world.