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Why choose our sustainable solar products

Sustainable solar company - ZEITDAS

Hello, Everyone. Welcome to 127th Canton Fair, I am Rambow. This Canton Fair is in the history the first on-line Canton which has about 25,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of buys and visitors. I will be in this chat room with you for the next one hour focus on PV products, especially the solar panels, and will elaborate and demonstrate to you every detail of PV panels you’d like to know.

Before we get started, please don’t forget to visit our e-show room on Canton Fair website and know more about us. We have uploaded all our products information, products videos, you can also get our list of live broadcasting so you can pick anyone you’ve interested and arrange your time accordingly.

Zeitdas-professional sustainable solar panels manufacturer

One more thing I’d like to introduce to you is our new brand Zeitdas. Although it is a new brand, Zeitdas has a team of solar off-grid specialists with more than 15 years’ experience. All team members of Zeitdas had been working together with its partner Solarland to jointly develop PV business. Into 2020, Zeitdas continues to supply solar products with best quality and services.

Registered and located in Nordrhein, Germany. Zeitdas is not far from Koln, the center of Germany, Netherland, Belgium and Luxembourg economic circle. Zeitdas as a renewable energy company supplies solar products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, boating, and virtually any application you can think of. It even provides complete solar solutions to improve your everyday life at home, work, and on any place around you.

"POWER YOUR LIFE”- Sustainable solar solutions

In German, Zeit means time. Time is the most precious thing in the world, we hope our products and services can work over time and accompany our customers from beginning to end. "POWER YOUR LIFE” is the slogan of Zeitdas, it focus on the global photovoltaic civil consumer market, takes PV off-grid as the core, specializes in home, industrial and commercial on & off-grid power solutions. It also have its own production base to ensure every product details meet the requirement of the customers.

We are specializing in manufacturing sustainable solar products

CMEC Wuxi Set foot in photovoltaic industry since 2003. From 2013, Fully access to the PV investment. business with the 'CMEC new energy' brand. Won ‘CREC New Energy Enterprises Annual Award 2013‘. In 2014, Annual installed capacity reaches 30MW. Till Jan 2017, Domestic PV power plant Assets (IPP projects) value over 180mn USD. CMEC New Energy is located in Wuxi, a city focuses on Chinese new energy technology development, with over 10 years experience in PV industry. We focus on new energy technology products and solutions, providing the most professional service to all customers. We always adhere to the highest quality standard, ensuring excellent quality of products and services via strict quality management system.